Whether as blotters or liquids. LSD can be present in a wide variety of forms.

With our LSD QTest, the active ingredient content in blotters, aqueous or alcoholic liquids can be determined quickly and easily.


Additional information LSD QTest

On this page we would like to provide you with additional material and information for our LSD-QTest, which should support you in the execution and evaluation. For example, we will provide you with comparison images for evaluation or describe how to best set up and perform the evaluation. 

If there are things we have not yet listed here, but lead to questions, then you can write to us at any time.

Comparison image LSD QTest

Color series LSD QTest

The color row shows the individual color levels for the evaluation of the LSD-QTest. Each color thus stands for a direct color field. This would mean that we see the following values here from left to right:

  • 25 µg
  • 50 µg
  • 75 µg
  • 100 µg
  • 125 µg
  • 180 µg
  • 230 µg
  • 280 µg

This figure should be helpful for the evaluation, if you have difficulties to estimate the correct color field. Please keep in mind that colors can look different on every screen. Thus, the images are only intended as a support and estimation.

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Frequently asked questions about the LSD QTest

These are the answers to frequently asked questions so far:

Our LSD-QTest is calibrated to the "LSD-25". With derivatives like the 1 cP-LSD, 1P-LSD or others, the test would not work and would not show any coloration.


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