Psilocybin QTest with test materials, instructions and evaluation scale

Self-determined with security

We believe in the sovereignty of individual decisions. They become better the more facts form the basis for self-determined action. That's why miraculix exists. 

Our QTest is a scientifically validated method for substance analysis and concentration determination for more individual control in dealing with psychoactive substances. We create facts, for safer use, to reduce harm and raise awareness.



Saferuse means knowing what and especially how much is contained in unknown substances. Our patented rapid tests tell you! All miraculix test kits are easy to use, precise and scientifically validated. 



Our company is based on years of research and extensive expertise in natural product analysis. We want to share our knowledge and offer scientific advice for practical challenges and economic perspectives.


Drug Checking

Testing known and unknown drugs for ingredients - in a nutshell, that's the essence of drug checking. But there is so much more behind it! What can drug checking do? How is it used? What are the misconceptions? We tell you.

Dr. Felix Blei, Roxana Preuß and Frank Junger in conversation

We can make a contribution. 
That's why we're doing just that.

Psychedelic substances are illegal in most countries. At the same time, an uncontrolled black market exists on which exactly these substances are offered contaminated, stretched or in lethal concentrations. Unsuspecting buyers have no possibility to find out more about composition and concentration.

We have been looking at the issue from an academic perspective for many years and have been researching the simplification of scientifically confirmed but costly methods for substance analysis. We are well networked, have strong partners on our side, know the biochemical relationships and know what is important when analyzing ingredients.

The result is a scientifically sound method in pocket format. Fast, precise, inexpensive. With these test kits, we make a significant contribution to safer use. Through preventive interventions, harm reduction and education can be meaningfully combined for the benefit of other users.


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We like to talk about the things that are important to us, inform and educate. In short: we are busy. We always refer to scientific facts and the current state of research. If you want to learn more about miraculix everyday life, psychedelic substances or substance analysis, you are in the right place.



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