Psilocybin crystals under the microscope in 400x magnification

Scientific consulting for natural product analysis

Medical institutions, pharmaceutical facilities and even commercial enterprises are increasingly recognizing the potential of natural products, such as psilocybin, for their own fields of activity. 

At the same time, there is neither sufficient knowledge about psilocybin nor sufficient experience in dealing with the indole alkaloid in the various industries and disciplines. 

What do you do when the idea is there, but important know-how for the implementation is missing? Ask others! For example us, because that's exactly why we offer scientific consulting and analysis around psychotropic substances, especially psilocybin.


Individual question? 
Scientific consulting by miraculix!

We employ people who are true luminaries in the field of natural product analysis and have been researching and working with psychotropic substances and psilocybin for many years. In fact, they are also among the hand-picked Europeans who are allowed to work with pharmacologically pure psilocybin at all. As a result, all our research work is in principle based on a scientific foundation. 

We do not attach any importance to dominating knowledge and want to use our collected experience values and the comprehensive expertise in order to point out meaningful solutions for questions, challenges and problems of the practice among other things in dealing with psilocybin.

Dr. Felix Blei at the press conference on Drug Checking in Thuringia 2021
Small glasses with different psychoactive substances as pure substance

Dealing with psychotropic substances from A to Z.

Natural substances such as psilocybin are getting more and more attention from protagonists from the business world. But although there is will and motivation, in practice unknown and sometimes unknown and sometimes difficult to solve problem areas quickly arise in practice. 

How can a natural substance like psilocybin be extracted and prepared for use in the laboratory? How must it be stored? How could an effective quality control of psilocybin products in the manufacturing process look like? How does in vivo catalysis work in yeast cells (metabolic engineering)?

We have already answered questions like these for customers in the context of scientific consulting. In addition, we can provide scientific advice on many other topics, such as HPLC-(MS) and NMR-based natural product analysis, cultivation of psilocybin-containing fungi, heterologous protein production and isolation, multistep organic syntheses, bioinformatics for natural product biosynthesis genes, drug design or de novo genome sequencing of fungi and bacteria. Likewise, we can help when questions arise in dealing with the Genetic Engineering Safety Regulation, the Narcotics Act or the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.


A Passion for Scientific Consulting

With Felix Blei (Dr. rer. nat.), Janis Fricke (Dr. rer. nat.) and Christoph Enszensberger (Dr. rer. nat.) we gather the internationally leading experts for natural product analysis at miraculix. 

Already in 2017, Blei, Fricke et. al shook things up with their research results on the biosynthesis of psilocybin in the peer-reviewed journal "Angewandte Chemie" and brought clarityto a topic that had been controversial for almost sixty years. Since then, a lot of water has flown down the Jena Saale and since then the list of publications and research topics of our team of experts has grown considerably longer. 

In short, we really do know a great deal about psilocybin and psychotropic subtances and are therefore quite unabashedly convinced: you will not find an international team of experts that can solve your psilocybin challenge better than we can.

Dr. Felix Blei, Dr. Christop Enzensperger and Dr. Janis Fricke in conversation

This is our scientific consulting team

miraculix scientific consulting is carried out by real experts. Our three specialists have been researching and working on psilocybin and psychotropic substances for many years.  We have excerpted their respective focus areas as well as significant publication titles.

Dr. Felix Blei walking in the corridor of the Bioinstrumentenzentrum Jena

Dr. Felix Blei

Natural product analysis, extraction and biosynthesis Psilocybe.

Production options for psilocybin - the making of the magic (2018). In: Chemistry - A European Journal 25(4)

Enzymatic Route toward 6-Methylated Baeocystin and Psilocybin (2019). In: ChemBioChem 20(22)

Simultaneous Production of Psilocybin and a Cocktail of β‐Carboline Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors in ‚Magic‘ Mushrooms (2019). In: Chemistry - A European Journal 26(3)


Dr. Janis Fricke

Naturstoffanalytik, Gentechnik und Biotechnologie Psilocybe 

Genome reduction and relaxed selection is associated with the transition to symbiosis in the basidiomycete genus Podaxis (2021). In: iScience 24(6) 

GNPS-guided discovery of xylacremolide C and D, evaluation of their putative biosynthetic origin and bioactivity studies of xylacremolide A and B (2021). In: RSC Advances 11(31) 

Scalable Hybrid Synthetic/Biocatalytic Route to Psilocybin (2020). In: Chemistry - A European Journal 26(37)

Dr. Christoph Enzensperger

Organische und chemische Synthesen, innovative Drug Discovery 

Correction to: 9-Methyl-β-carboline inhibits monoamine oxidase activity and stimulates the expression of neurotrophic factors by astrocytes (2022). In: Journal of Neural Transmission 129(1)

Formulation of Liver-Specific PLGA-DY-635 Nanoparticles Loaded with the Protein Kinase C Inhibitor Bisindolylmaleimide I (2020). In: Pharmaceutics 12(11): 1110 

Synthesis and Characterization of new Azecine-Derivatives as Potential Neuroleptics (2017) In: Drug Research (67(8)


What else there is to know

These are the answers to previously frequently asked questions about scientific advice on psilocybin and psychotropic substances:

There is no pattern F, but the procedure always roughly follows the same steps: The first contact is followed by an initial meeting, in which we assess the specific needs and fully identify the problem. Only then do we start the actual consultation, in which we present options or, explicitly investigate a problem in the sense of contract research. The documentation of this or the paper forms the conclusion of the project. 

Of course, being part of our community research project.

With our Psilocybin QTest, you can test psychedelic mushrooms for their psilocybin/psilocin content for the first time. By reporting the results from your analysis and answering questions about your psychedelic experience, you can be part of our community research project! 

Together we can find out how psilocybin contents are distributed across the many mushroom species that occur in nature. Finally, data can show whether different mushroom species or strains produce different experiences.  Large-scale follow-up community projects could investigate the effects of various influences such as substrate, genetics or environmental factors.

You bet it is! We have often been invited to speak in front of an audience of experts about the 
and talk about the origin of psilocybin, the cultivation in the lab or the history of psychotropic substances. Feel free to write us!


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