Psilocybin QTest with test utensils, instructions and evaluation scale

Knowing what is important - the miraculix QTests

We have developed a rapid test procedure to reliably determine the composition and concentration of psychoactive substances with a small sample size.

The cost-effective QTests are able to detect psilocybin, THC or CBD, MDMA and LSD. The tests work according to a two-step procedure and can be used without significant effort or expert knowledge.



Drug test kits: safe, mobile, precise

What makes miraculix QTests so special? The method! We have decoded and simplified a scientifically complex procedure so that an analysis that was previously only possible with a lot of money and effort in the laboratory now fits into a bulging trouser pocket.

Our rapid tests provide information on the quality and quantity of an active ingredient. Therein lies the greatest innovation in the layman's application of the PSILOCYBIN Test, THC/CBD Tests, MDMA Test and the LSD Test. This does not make the substances safer drugs, but users can decide on the basis of real facts about the risk. This is because the QTests not only show whether or not a certain substance is present, but also provide information about the concentration level.

This combination is unique, the accuracy of the results comparable to an HPLC analysis performed in the laboratory! HPLC is an analytical technique used to separate, identify, and quantify components in a mixture. However, our QTests are much faster: a valid result is available after only 15 to 30 minutes.

And while users often feel overwhelmed and left alone when evaluating the results with comparable products such as a Marquis Test or Ecstasy Test Kits, the miraculix result can be seen with the naked eye and is so clear that no two opinions are possible.

Dr. Felix Blei in the laboratory with a round bottom flask
colored detection reagents on an evaluation scale for the active substance MDMA and associated extender detection

How does a QTest work?

One of the reasons why our rapid tests achieve such valid results is that we take the time to separate the active ingredient from the substance. 

With the MDMA test, for example, this is simply done by means of a pill check! To do this, a sample of the substance is taken and placed in a solvent for extraction. Only then does the actual detection follow. The analysis liquid generates a color reaction within a few minutes. 

In general, the more intense the color, the higher the concentration of active ingredient. However, we do not leave it at that: in the QTests, each color tone is matched by a very specific value in milligrams or percent. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations and to minimize risks even if the substance is not a safer drug.

Want to know more about a pill check? Learn how the test kit detects ecstasy? Then check out our blog.


A product of science

The QTest is the spearhead of an academic career and the result of years of research. Using scientific methods and proven expertise, we have created a product range that offers real added value for various areas of life through comprehensive information.

Each QTest has been developed under scientific supervision and monitored in the laboratory. Reliability and validity are decisive criteria in science and because we also apply these to our products, miraculix QTests undoubtedly deliver what we promise.

We are proud that our research work has succeeded in placing a layman's product alongside an elaborate procedure such as HPLC analysis, which can demonstrably keep up.

Dr. Felix Blei, Roxana Preuß and Frank Junger in the laboratory

From the lab into your pocket

Hallucinogenic mushrooms of the genus Psilocybe Cubensis with retro filter


The active ingredient content in mushrooms can fluctuate greatly. The differences can already occur between fruiting bodies and stems or mushrooms of the same batch.

With our Psilo-QTest, the concentration in dried mushroom materials (mycelium, fruiting bodies, or sclerotia "truffles") can be determined easily and precisely.

FAQ Psilocybin-QTest


Three LSD blotters with a heart logo and a chopped up piece


Whether as blotters or liquids. LSD can be present in a wide variety of forms.

With our LSD QTest, the active ingredient content in blotters, aqueous or alcoholic liquids can be determined quickly and easily. With its valid results, it is therefore a perfect tool for home and on the road.





Who knows beforehand what and how much is in it, can control his experience more consciously or has good reasons to reconsider. Especially with unknown pills, powders or crystals you always have only vague information about their composition.

The MDMA QTest can not only determine the active ingredient content, but also enables direct detection of dangerous extender admixtures.



Different pills with different imprints (heart, smiley, star and skull)


With newer and newer strains and more potent flowers, the effects can only be guessed.

The THC/CBD-QTest can indicate both the THC content and the CBD content via 2 independent colorings. The test kit itself is uncomplicated and easy to use and also allows conclusions to be drawn about synthetic cannabinoids with its results.



A black hemp leaf with green background and retro filter

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What else is there to know

These are the answers to frequently asked questions so far:

We have developed our own US store for all those interested in our QTests from the USA. Here you can order and pay quickly and easily. For shipping we have a strong partner who is located directly in the USA. So there are no delays or long shipments across the entire globe. You can find the link to the US store here: US Webshop

The procedure is not complicated and does not require any extraordinary prior knowledge from chemistry lessons. In detail, there are of course a few differences depending on the substance, but in principle the QTests always follows the same pattern: First a small sample of the substance is taken. Depending on the kit, this can be the abrasion of a tablet, a liquid, a corner of the blotter, a few grams of mycelium, fruiting bodies or sclerotia of the fungus. The sample is placed in the solvent contained in the test kit to extract the active substance. Only then does the actual detection with the detection reagent starts. After a waiting time, which, depending on the test kit, can vary between 15 minutes (MDMA test) and 30 minutes (Psilo test), the result can be evaluated. You can find out more on the blog or in the respective product descriptions of the test kits for LSD, MDMA, THC/CBD and Psilocybin.

As with all chemical reagents, storage affects the shelf life of the QTests. A long shelf life can be expected if the test kits are stored in a dark and cool place. If this is the case, the MDMA test has a shelf life of six months, which means that within this time you can perform a valid analysis. 

For the LSD test kit, the Psilo-QTest and the THC/CBD-QTest we can show a shelf life of 18 months.

We offer a Psilocybin test kit, an MDMA test kit, an LSD test kit and a THC/CBD test kit as so-called QTests. For the analysis of psilocybin you should use dried mushroom material. Otherwise, the forms in which the substances are present don't really matter. You can test blotter in the same way as liquid LSD. The LSD QTest is specifically calibrated for LSD-25, so even derivatives of it can be distinguished. MDMA can also be analyzed in crystal or powder form. Even for filled and colored pills, the "Drug Test Kit" provides reliable results. With our THC/CBD-QTest you can even draw first conclusions about synthetic cannabinoids. These are sprayed onto CBD weed according to current data. If our test kit shows a lot of CBD and very little to no THC, it could be synthetic cannabinoids. In combination with a very strong effect or accompanying symptoms, this would be an indication.

Especially our MDMA test is designed to detect frequently used extenders. Since these are mainly used in MDMA tablets, a prior pill check can save lives. With the knowledge we gather from on-site drug checking, we also issue regular pill warnings. Furthermore, we also have a THC/CBD QTest that is able to draw conclusions about synthetic cannabinoids. You can find all our QTests in our store.

Qualitative analysis indicates the mere existence of an active ingredient. Most tests available on the market are qualitative in nature. In other words, they merely give a yes-or-no answer. Only the quantitative element of QTests formulates a statement about the actual concentration, i.e. the amount of active ingredient present in the sample. To ensure that the interpretation of the results leaves no room for misunderstanding or ambiguity, we have spent many weeks and months in the laboratory so that the respective color values can be linked to concrete figures.

No. A test kit or our QTests can only be used once. The reagents used are directly calibrated for the concentration determination of the substances. In order to achieve this, we need a certain amount of detection materials, which are used up after the application. In our store you can also find kits with multiple applications, here one packaging box simply contains several test kits.

No. The sample you put into the solvent becomes unusable. Extraction irreversibly changes the active ingredient so that it loses its original effect. Likewise, the solvent and color reagent are not intended for consumption.

Yes, our tests are freely available, purchase and use is legal, because the test kits exclusively detect the named active substances. Even if they are used as so-called drug test kits by users, the tests themselves are to be classified as legal. By the way, in order to avoid possible questions that might be perceived as unpleasant, we send our test kits in an advertising-free, neutral outer packaging.

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is an analytical technique used to separate, identify, and quantify components in a mixture. Is commonly used in chemistry and biology to analyze complex mixtures because it is very precise and efficient. All QTests have been developed over many years of laboratory work and their results have been repeatedly compared and validated with HPLC analyses. The evaluation scales in the test kits are specially calibrated and tested by various independent experts. Even a layman can estimate just one color field up or down from the actual result.

First of all, we work with the highest standards in the areas of data protection and encryption. Additionally, we send our test kits to our customers in neutral packaging. Especially in the on-site setting, we, together with our cooperation partner Subcheck of addiction support in Thuringia, ensure a high level of client protection. The analyses and subsequent consultations are conducted anonymously. Additionally, the drug-checking service at events is not publicly announced beforehand to protect the clientele and the organizers, and it is conducted in a screened-off area – our mobile laboratory – at the events.


How can we help you?

We have collected particularly frequently asked questions in various FAQs. If you can't find an answer to your question, write us! We also like to read reports of experiences, feedback, suggestions or ideas.