Miraculix Values & Communication

These guidelines form the basis of Miraculix's communication and are intended to assist you when creating content that promotes us or our products. They can generally be summed up into three main points:

  • Scientific and fact-based information about substances and our QTests
  • Avoiding unfounded, unproven promises of cure or trivialization of the consumption of any substances
  • Open, inclusive language and communication, fostering an approachable and tolerant community

These guidelines arise from the Mission and Values that Miraculix upholds. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them, as it will aid in better understanding the following guidelines.


Mission & value miraculix

Our Mission (what drives us):

Together, we aim to pioneer new possibilities for the world, empowering everyone to lead a self-determined and secure life.

Our Values (what we stand for & what distinguishes us and our work):

These values guide our actions and communication at Miraculix, shaping a community that strives for knowledge, openness, and mutual respect.



Communication guidelines from miraculix

Scientific and Fact-Based Information about Substances & Our QTests

We aim to provide scientific and fact-based information in a non-judgmental and easily accessible form. Our contents should be understandable to everyone, allowing them to follow and comprehend our arguments. Simultaneously, we don't aim to dictate final positions or opinions but convey new knowledge and insights, encouraging people to reconsider their thinking and make decisions based on a broad factual foundation.

Academic research and scientific principles are not only "where we come from" but integral to Miraculix in various aspects. 

The "Psychedelic Renaissance" has rediscovered a wealth of old knowledge, and current global research contributes numerous new insights into substances. With our work at Miraculix, we strive to disseminate this information.

We always try to base our content on recognized scientific and peer-reviewed sources, making them transparent and understandable. It's not just about the fact itself, which is essential, but also to communicate the process and context in which it was obtained. While we don't oppose catchphrases, we always aim to provide an explanation and the scientific context.

Nobody can know everything, and that should not be the expectation. But awareness of one's limits and transparently communicating them is an important starting point.

We never want to exclude anyone and aim to bring everyone on our shared journey. We provide our content, therefore, in understandable language, which often involves simplifying or condensing information. However, when in doubt, it's always better to include an extra sentence of explanation rather than too little (so that information or context goes missing).

We aim to break down cultural, geographical, and individual barriers, fostering a diverse and inclusive discourse. Even though we may occasionally fall short, constructive feedback from our community is crucial.

Colorimetric reagent tests (such as classic reagents and our QTests) are essential and valuable tools when used correctly to detect the presence and concentration of specific substances in a sample.

However, it's essential to note that reagents have limitations and may not detect all potential substances in a sample. Specific components may not lead to a color change or may be masked by other colors. Chemically similar substances may also produce the same color as the expected ingredient.

Reagent tests cannot determine purity. This also applies to our QTests – even a high concentration result does not guarantee the absence of other substances in the sample.

Some things NOT to say when advertising our tests:

  • "Ensure your substance is pure."
  • "Ensure your substance is good."
  • "Ensure your substance is safe."
  • "Test the purity of your substance."

In general, everything published on our website or in our posts or social media content should be appropriate for advertising our products

In an uncontrolled and unsafe environment, we aim to provide a high-quality, scientifically validated offering of information and products to raise awareness about the concentration and composition of substances. This, in turn, promotes self-protection and personal responsibility, avoiding potential harm.

Avoiding Unfounded Promises of Cure or Trivialization of Consumption of Any Substances

Medical research on using various substances in medicine and psychotherapy is promising and could bring new solutions to various health conditions. In many cases, however, science is still in its early stages. It's crucial not to play with people's fears and hopes and to profit from false or unproven promises of healing.

We do not want to perpetuate clichés and prejudices but aim to provide non-judgemental information about all substances. The use of any substance and its context should never be trivialized.

Open, inclusive language and communication, as well as an approachable and tolerant community

An open and diverse community is essential to us. Through our language and communication, we aim to foster a culture of tolerance, openness, and diversity.

We do not tolerate the use or promotion of violent, fascist, or extremist language or actions in any form. This includes threats, discrimination, hate speech, and actions that may lead to physical or psychological harm.

The use of offensive, racist, sexist, violent, or extremist expressions is unacceptable.