Dr. Felix Blei, Roxana Preuß and Frank Junger sitting as a team on a staircase

What we stand for and what is important to us

miraculix was born out of the desire to create added value for as many people as possible.

Together we want to be a pioneer in giving the world new possibilities and enable every human being to live a self-determined and safe life.

That is the vision behind miraculix. That's why we have created a truly low-threshold offer to test psychoactive substances without the need for a costly analytical laboratory.


Casual on the outside, scientific on the inside

Our knowledge is based on intensive, scientific research into psychoactive substances, chemical analysis in the laboratory, and a widespread network of true experts in the field of substance analysis. 

We are focused on the matter, set our goals high, but keep an eye on the essentials. Our customers rely on us and our products, so we always strive to live up to this trust. Precisely because we can do what we claim and deliver what we promise, our vision is not an unattainable wish, but a realistic option. 

Dr Felix Blei talking about miraculix QTests
Roxana Preuß and Frank Junger in conversation

The miraculix values compass

With what we do, we potentially reach everyone, regardless of geographic or individual boundaries. 

This also applies to us and the way we see the world. In this context, values determine our daily actions. Against this backdrop, there is one thing we absolutely: We are formulating an offer for substance analysis - whether it is accepted or not is up to each individual. We do not make any value judgement about the use of psychoactive substances, because we are convinced that everyone should be free to live his or her life as he or she sees it. 

Therefore, we want to actively think and work against labels, pigeonholes and clichés. We want to include and never exclude - of course always provided that we and others are treated with the same respect.


We are not alone when you are there

Our products are similar to a chemical analysis in a lab - only without a lab. 

As an easily accessible intervention measure for psychoactive substances, we give prevention a whole new chance to be more effective. Nevertheless, the transformation from simple substance analysis to a sustainable analysis-based intervention does not happen overnight, but the effort will be worth it. We know exactly where the miraculix path should lead. 

And we do not want to go it alone. We are both proud and humbled by what we already have achieved so far. The resonance and commitment of so many partners and supporters. Above all, we are grateful for each individual who joins the cause. We cannot and will not achieve our goal without a community that sees itself as part of a group. whose feedback, support, criticism, encouragement, participation, is so incredibly important to us. That's why we just keep going, shouting euphorically into the forest, and can hardly wait for the echo.

Different QTests with reagents and workshop material

Waypoints and milestones

Where do we come from, what have we achieved so far, what are we particularly proud of? You can find the answers in the miraculix chronicle, where we have recorded important milestones and significant events for us.


The people behind miraculix

We are a small team, enthusiastic, convinced, competent and passionate about what we do. Get to know us better here or on social media.

Portrait of Dr. Felix Blei

Dr. Felix Blei

Founder & CEO. I am lucky to be a scientist and an entrepreneur at the same time. At miraculix, my interest in researching natural products and psychotropic substances combines with my job. I am a proud dad, a motivated athlete in all roll-board sports and a big fan of physical exercise like calisthenics.

Frank Junger in portrait

Frank Junger

Founder & CCO. I came to Jena in 2008 and learned event management here. After 15 years of professional experience, I know the "nightlife" and have experienced many situations where people were influenced by unknown substances. Partying and consumption have always gone hand in hand, I am happy to contribute to harm reduction as part of miraculix.

Roxana Preuß

Founder & CSO. After my business studies I was looking for a challenge and a task with meaning - that's exactly what I found with miraculix. Besides the daily to-dos, I love to dance and be in nature - which is why in summer, the garden becomes my second home.

Roxana Preuß in portrait

Line Seiffert

As a little globetrotter, I started my medical studies in Poland and transferred to Friedrich Schiller University Jena for the second part. Working at Miraculix is the perfect blend of scientifically based activities and creative tasks for me. Apart from university and work, you can find me jogging along the Saale or searching for the best coffee in town with my sister.

Line Seiffert in portrait
Hagen Radtke in portrait

Hagen Radtke

With 20 years of experience in event security, I have experience with both the good and bad sides of substance use. That's why on-site work is especially important to me, as it's the best way to communicate the idea of safer use and help prevent incidents. As a co-organizer of the Jena Ethnobotany meetings, I got to know Felix. When he was looking for help for miraculix, I was immediately hooked.

Lea Ruge-Läßiger in portrait

Lea Ruge-Läßiger

After my studies of educational science and psychology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, my goal is to work in the field of drug and addiction counseling. Through my internship at miraculix, I learn something new every day about working in the field of analysis-based intervention and the different substances and their analysis. My biggest hobby is my dog and I spend a lot of time with my friends, for whom I like to travel all over Germany. 



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What else is there to know

These are the answers to frequently asked questions so far:

In the course of his doctoral studies, our current CEO Felix was annoyed by the fact that he had to resort to time- and resource-consuming time-consuming and resource-intensive substance analyses to answer the actual research question. After all, there was no other way to determine the concentration of psychoactive substances. And, as it is so often the case with founding myths, it was the thought "This must be easier" is the initial spark for the miraculix QTests.

On the basis of a scientifically validated rapid test, a consumer is advised by trained personnel. The focus is always on the guidance as the actual intervention measure. The miraculix QTests - even a chemical analysis in the laboratory - are only the means to an end for this holistic approach. They provide the basis that, as far as possible, all available facts are knownand secured.

No, not at the moment. We are still in the start-up phase, where the To Do lists are incredibly long, but the resources are rather scarce. As soon as we have a need, you will read here and on our social media. I love what you guys are doing and want to support you.

Great that you are part of it, we are happy about every supporter. The easiest way is of course via the store. There you will not only find the miraculix QTests, but also great merchandise. Feel free to leave us a subscription or follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube. Generally you help us immensely by becoming an influencer for the causein your circle of friends, family and acquaintances. Talk to others about the benefit of substance analysis, explain the added value and broaden their view of the potential of psychoactive substances.


Your question remained unanswered?

We have an open ear for all concerns and an answer to almost all questions. If you have something on your mind that we have so far ignored, feel free to share it with us. We welcome feedback, praise, constructive criticism, suggestions, experience reports and ideas.