QTest Photometer

The QTest Photometer is a portable and standalone device for the evaluation of our quantitative tests. It measures the color intensity and outputs the direct values for the measured alkaloids. 

It displays directly how many milligrams of psilocybin are in your mushroom sample or how many micrograms of LSD are on your blotter. 

We have already measured all pure substances at the university and share all data and calibration lines publicly. Regardless of this, it is a proper open-source photometer and can measure different wavelengths and be useful for a lot of other experiments besides QTests.


QTest Photometer Instruction Manual

You can find a quick overview of the settings directly on the device. Here you will find a "Read me" file with the relevant information.

You can also view the information sheet here: Photometer Read Me


Frequently asked questions about the QTest Photometer

These are the answers to frequently asked questions so far:

We provide the appropriate and latest company software for the photometer via our channels. So you can get it quickly and easily here: Photometer Software